Four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli ‘targeted assassination’ on Saturday, and four more seriously injured.  Three of those killed were a child, his mother, and his grandmother, travelling in a car behind the ‘targeted’ vehicle, which was hit by two missiles fired from a helicopter by the Israeli airforce.

Israeli and international human rights groups have previously issued condemnations of the Israeli practice of ‘targeted assassinations’, which are illegal under international law, arguing that civilians often end up being the victims.

In the month of April, Israeli soldiers killed 37 Palestinians, including 6 children, in fourteen assassination attacks.  Israeli missiles fired in airstrikes have killed children at home, at school, in cars and on the streets in Gaza.

Two missiles fired by an Israeli aircraft targeted a car in which Mohammed Dahduh, a senior operative of the "Al-Quds Brigades," the military wing of Islamic Jihad, was travelling, Israeli sources said Saturday.  The missiles destroyed the car, killing Dahduh, and tearing apart the car behind him, which killed a grandmother and mother, and one of the two children in the backseat.  The other child in the car was seriously injured, medics reported.  The family members were identified as Hanan Aman, 25; her five-year-old son, Muhind; and the woman’s mother-in-law, Naima, 45. Mariyah Aman, 3, is in serious condition.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.