A Palestinian medical source in Rafidia Hospital, in the West Bank city of Nablus reported on Sunday that one woman from the Balata refugee camp, in the city, was shot and killed by Israeli military fire during an invasion to the camp.

The source stated that Aisha Abu Musallam, 48, was shot by a live round in her hood while she was near a window at her home in Balata refugee camp.

The incident took place after troops, supported by ten armored vehicles, invaded the camp on Sunday at dawn and conducted military searches of homes.

Aisha was attempting to look at the street through her window when one of the soldiers opened fire hitting her in her head causing instant death; Aisha is a mother of four children.

Moreover, soldiers arrested nine residents during military searches of homes in Ein Beit Al Ma’ area. Khallit Al Amoud, the Northern Mountain, and Al Ein refugee camp.

On Saturday at night, Israeli soldiers killed four residents including a child, his mother and his grandmother in an air strike that targeted the vehicle of Mohammed Dahduh, a senior operative of the "Al-Quds Brigades," the military wing of Islamic Jihad.

 The missiles destroyed the car, killing Dahduh, and tearing apart the car behind him, which killed a grandmother and mother, and one of the two children in the backseat.  The other child in the car was seriously injured, medics reported.

 The family members were identified as Hanan Aman, 25; her five-year-old son, Mohannad; and the woman’s mother-in-law, Na’ima, 45. Mariyah Aman, 3, is in serious condition.