A security source in the Palestinian Preventive Security reported on Sunday that an explosive was discovered today on the main road along the route of Director General of Internal Security, Rashid Abu Shobaki. The source said a package weighing 70 kilograms was packed with explosives, awaiting Abu Shobaki.



The security source who chose to remain unnamed, told PNN via telephone Sunday, “The discovering was made exactly along the route of Abu Shobaki. We had engineers dismantle the explosives and do a further search for any more explosives in the area.”

It is well known that Rashid Abu Shobaki was appointed Director of Palestinian Internal Security by Presidential Decree. The headquarters are in southern Gaza City. The Hamas party, as the leading political party in the Legislative Council, opposed such an appointment as it encroaches on the proper chain of command.

This incident, just a day after the failed attempt to assassinate the Director of Palestinian General Intelligence, Tariq Abu Rajab, leaves people wondering what exactly is going on. Abu Rajab was seriously injured in an elevator explosion in the Intelligence building, while several others also injured and one of his guards was killed.

There are many who would like to blame these incidents on Hamas, but no one knows what is actually occurring. This could just as well be sabotage attempts by Israeli forces to divide and conquer.