Palestinian security sources from the Fatah party claim that the armed resistance wing of Hamas, Al Qassam Brigades, purchased large quantities of light weapons in the West Bank recently.

The security sources reported on Sunday that the purchases were made after the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, which the Hamas party swept, leaving the Fatah party with little power.

The same sources claim that as clear differences between the parties emerged, leading to a rise in tensions and physical fighting in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas resistance wing was prepared. Now they are suggesting that Al Qassam is preparing itself for something similar in the West Bank .

The Palestine News Network began gathering information from Palestinian security bodies and the Presidency, both affiliated with Fatah. They claim that the weapons Hamas is purchasing are expensive at 5,000 to 7,000 Jordanian Dinars for light machine guns. Fatah is already well armed as its members comprise the security institutions.

Many people fear that armed fighting will continue in the Gaza Strip, and begin in the West Bank as well, between Fatah and Hamas resistance wings instead of them fighting the occupation they will fight one another.

This was expected by many as part of the plan of the Israeli occupation to push Palestinians into a “civil war,” by exploiting the US-led political and economic blockade by increasing its restrictions on the people.