Hours after the Israeli army assassinated the Al Quds Brigades leader in Gaza City on Saturday, his wife gave birth to a baby girl.

During the assassination, Israeli forces also killed a young boy, his mother, and his grandmother. Three months ago Israeli forces assassinated Al Dahdouh’s brother, Khalid Al Dahdouh (Abu Walid), in a car explosion. And approximately a year ago, Israeli forces assassinated his other brother, Ayman Dahdouh.

The Israelis say that Mohammad Al Dahdouh was on their “wanted” list for being the engineer of the “Al Quds III” and “Katusha” projectiles, and for planning attacks against Israeli targets.

His wife screamed for the loss of her husband while his corpse was put in refrigeration at Gaza City’s Al Shifa Hospital. She also screamed in birth pains.

Her 28 year old husband was a leader of the Al Quds, the armed resistance wing of Islamic Jihad. They have two other children.