Around 160 Sudanese from Darfur who arrived to Israel in the past year hoping that they find refuge from the ongoing war in their region, are now imprisoned in Israel .


The refugees entered from the Sinai desert and sought asylum in Israel, in an attempt to escape an ugly war in Darfur region in the western .

The official government of Sudan is among many countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

Israel put them in prisons or military bases saying that a law against infiltrators from enemy countries bars them from appealing their cases in court.  Few of those refugees were released into Israel where they are under house arrest in Kibbutzes (closed agricultural communities).

The High Court of Justice ruled a few weeks ago that the state cannot hold Sudanese refugees in administrative detention without judicial review, and ordered it to finalize plans to bring the prisoners before a judge or other judicial authority within 30 days.

The state proposed that the army looks into the case and decides, a proposal that was rejected by the court and Migrates relief organizations.

When Jews were in the shoes of those refugees sixty years ago, all the European countries were closed for them.

Then the Jewish people created some 700 thousand refugees in 1948 in order to create their state in Palestine .

Recently, Israeli lawmakers passed a bill which prohibits non-Jews to obtain Israeli passports if married to Israeli citizens.



Will Israel be closed also to those refugees, considering that they are not Jews?