Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said after a seven-hour meeting with leaders of Fateh and Hamas movements in his Gaza office that the only way to end tension and violence between the two movements is national dialog, unity, and placing the interests of the Palestinian people as a top priority.

Leaders of the two movements said that they agreed that the investigation committee should go ahead and present all of the information it gathered on the clashes to the specialized committees.

Sameer Mashharawi, one of Fateh leaders, reported during a press conference after the marathon talks that the two movements are urging their members and supporters to implement the agreement and restore calm.

Mashharawi added that the two movements will not support of protect any person who violates the agreement.

The clashes between members of Hamas and Fateh took place after Hamas deployed a newly formed security force last week in Gaza; three Fateh members and three Hamas members were killed in the clashes that took place over the last three weeks.

President Mahmoud Abbas demanded Hamas to dissolve the 3000 man force, while Haniyya said that there is a proposal to combine this force with the Palestinian police force.

Haniyya added that he will follow-up the legal procedures to combine the force adding that “a civil war is not part of the Palestinian culture”, and that the Hamas-led government will not disappoint the Palestinian people.

The talks between Fateh and Hamas were under the supervision of a senior Egyptian delegate.
The two movements affirmed after the meeting that the Palestinian police will continue its investigations in all incidents in order to implement law and order, and that the two movements will assist the police in order to achieve this mission successfully.

Also, the two movements welcomed the national dialog conference which will be held on Thursday, and called on their members to use dialog instead of incitement and accusations of collaboration with Israel.

Also, Fateh and Hamas also welcomed the position of the Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons who called on the Palestinians people and factions to maintain their unity in order to preserve the achievements of the Palestinian people and revolution.