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Four Palestinian killed and 35 injured in Rammallah invasion
Army arrests two children and imposes curfew in Howwara town, Army bulldozers demolish several buildings and barns in Al Fonduq village, and Army arrests two residents from Hebron and takes over a house in Dora village,
Four Palestinian killed and 35 injured in Rammallah invasion
The number of Palestinians were killed in an Israeli invasion to the West Bank city of Rammallah has increased to four after a young man died of  wounds sustained earlier in the attacks , local sources reported The army left the city, and thousands of residents gathered at the site of the invasion.
Four Palestinians were killed and over 35 wounded with five arrested in an Israeli invasion to the West Bank city of Rammallah, local sources reported
The third was pronounced dead at Al-Sheikh Zaiyd hospital in the city at around 16:00. Medical sources at Al-Sheikh Zayed hospital in the city reported earlier that two Palestinians were killed; one received a bullet to his eye, while the other was shot in his chest .The fourth name still unknown
The two were identified as; Milad Abu Al-Arayes 20 from al-Am;ari refugee camp and Jafar khaled, 21 from Kharbtha village near Rammallah
At least 15 Israeli military vehicles invaded the West Bank city of Rammallah and clashed with stone-throwing residents.
The army invaded the city after a special under-cover unit was trapped in a Palestinian building after they entered Rammallah to arrest Palestinians they claimed were wanted. Eyewitnesses reported that Palestinian youth discovered the Israeli special unit who were wearing civilian clothes; the youth chased the special unit members who opened fire at the stone-throwing youth.
The Israeli under-cover soldiers entered a building at Al-Manara square where they were trapped and surrounded by the Palestinian youth.
Under-cover soldiers were evacuated from the city Al-Jazeera satellite channel reported that one bullet hit their office located very close to the invaded area.
Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli army used live ammunition, tear gas and rubber bullets against the Palestinian civilians
Army arrests two children and imposes curfew in Howwara town
The Israeli army arrested two children at midday during an invasion to the town of Howwara south of the West Bank city of Nablus, on Wednesday
Yunis Damidi, 16, and Sanad Isma’el, 15, were arrested when troops entered the town and provoked students leaving school, local sources said
No clashes occurred but the soldiers arrested the two children anyway, and imposed curfew on the town.
Army bulldozers demolish several buildings and barns in Al Fonduq village
Israeli army bulldozers demolished several buildings and farm shads in Al Fonduq village, near the West Bank city of Qalqilia
The bulldozers demolished a house belonging to Salem Abas from the village, and also demolished a wall around farmland that belongs to Hakam Abu Tabikh, local sources reported
 Barns under construction were leveled by the army during the invasion
The army has destroyed more than 30 buildings in the village since April 2005 in the village claiming that they are built without building permits Since 1967, no permits have ever been issued by Israel to Palestinians who wished to build on their land; Local residents point to illegal Israeli settlement expansion onto Palestinian land as a reason for the ongoing demolitions in the area.
Army arrests two residents from Hebron and takes over a house in Dora
The Israeli army arrested two residents from the West Bank city of Hebron and took over a house to use as a military post in the nearby village of Dora, Wednesday morning
Mohamed Al Dowik, 19, and Rami Alamah, 25, were arrested when troops conducted a wide scale search campaign in the city, then both were taken to unknown locations, local sources reported
Troops took over the house of Maher Ghanem, form the nearby village of Dora and turned it into a military post, all family members are still locked in one room of the house and are not allowed to enter the other rooms or leave the house, eyewitnesses
Settlers continues to install barbwire around annexed Palestinian land in Tubas
The Israeli settlers from Rotem settlement continued to install barbwire around annexed Palestinian land belonging to Tubas West bank city residents, Wednesday morning
The settlers are increasing the number of the olive trees planted on the stolen lands and guard dogs are being let loose in order to keep the original owners off of the land, residents said
The lands were annexed by the Rotem settlers two years ago who started plant olive trees, the residents added.
One resident arrested south of Salfit
The Israeli army arrested one resident during a pre dawn invasion to Qarawit Bani Zied village south of the West Bank city of Salfit, on Wednesday
Nidal Stef, 17, were arrested when troops entered the town and searched several villagers’ homes, and then he was taken to unknown location
Solders fired tear gas and sound bombs at the resident’s homes during the military operation, eyewitnesses said.
Army invades Mithlon village, south of Jenin
The Israeli army invaded the village of Mithlon, south of the West Bank city of Jenin, Wednesday morning
Troops stormed the villagers’ homes and the municipality building, and forced all municipal workers out then removed the Palestinian flag from the building, local sources reported
Then soldiers took up positions near the local school and started to fire tear gas at the students in their classrooms, eyewitnesses said.
One killed and two injured by unknown gunmen in east Khan-Younis
Mohamed Kadih, 22, died of wounds he sustained on Wednesday at dawn when unknown gunmen fired at him in east Khan Younis in the Gaza strip
Also, Salah Kadih and Na’el Kadih, were injured in the incident, all were taken to Al Nasser hospital in the city, medical sources reported
According to local residents, unknown masked men abducted the three, they were found injured near a gas station in the town of Khan-Younis.
Army arrest several residents from Nablus during the ongoing military operation in Nablus
Israeli troops arrested three residents during an ongoing military operation in the West Bank city of Nablus, Wednesday morning
In the old city of Nablus, troops stormed residents’ homes and searched them before arresting Samier and his brother Sameer Al Sarbesi
Meanwhile, another force invaded Ein Al Maie refugee camp west of the city, soldiers then surrounded the house of Lou’e Harz Allah, 22, and arrested him, eyewitnesses reported
Army vehicles and troops stormed the city form several directions and shot tear gas, live rounds and sound bombs randomly at the residents’ homes, several cases of panic injures were reported, residents said.
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