Israeli State Prosecution decided Thursday evening to bar British lawyer Kate Maynard, who was behind the war-crimes charges against retired Israeli Major-General Doron Almog, from entering Israel, Israeli sources reported.
The sources reported that Maynard, who specialises in human rights and international law, was behind the lawsuit to arrest Almog upon his arrival in Britain last September, adding that Almog was advised by the Israeli Embassy in London to not leave the plane and to return to Israel immediately.

Maynard arrived in Israel Wednesday night to take part in an academic seminar on International Justice. In wake of the Israel’s ruling to ban her entry, the British attorney decided not to submit another petition to court. She is set to return to Britain Thursday night.

Maynard was detained at the airport upon her arrival, and informed by Israeli security officers she will be deported to England.

Maynard intends to take legal measures in Britain, in order to make sure her entry to Israel is not prevented in the future.

Maynard’s lawyer, Ban-Natan, said Thursday that "there is no legitimate reason to justify refusing her entry into Israel because her professional work is well-known, even if she is not a supporter of Israel."

"The state has reached new restriction limits by using security explanations to limit academic freedom of expression," said Ben-Natan.