A large force of the Israeli military stormed the Social Club in Tulkarem in the northwestern West Bank at dawn Friday. The Social Club belongs to Hamas and is known as a gathering center and as a welfare-office and as donations of food and money are given to the needy population from the headquarters.

Israeli forces broke down the doors of the building and began searching, including the basement, in southern Tulkarem.

Eyewitnesses and a representative speaking on behalf of the Club said that Israeli soldiers confiscated computer equipment, files and documents, presumably to ascertain who is a donor and member in order to target them in the Israeli campaign against the Hamas party and its supporters.

Prior to withdrawing from the raid on southern Tulkarem, Israeli forces closed the doors of the Social Club with its own iron locks and pasted a notice written in Hebrew indicating that the “occupiers had confiscated our materials,” reported the Club’s representative and eyewitnesses.

This is not the first time that Israeli forces have invaded Tulkarem’s Social Club, and not the first time they have stolen similar belongings from inside, including files, computers, and documents.

Fifteen military vehicles invaded Tulkarem City this morning, and not only did the Israeli forces occupying the West Bank raid the Social Club, they broke into several nearby homes as well. Israeli soldiers forced residents to get out of bed and leave their homes, while the soldiers ransacked them, opening fire inside and out in order to “terrorize the population,” as reported one of the men standing outside in his pajamas.