alestinian soldier Mohammad Ahmad Abu Salim (23), from the Aida Refugee Camp north of Bethlehem, faced inhuman treatment from Israeli soldiers stationed at the "Container" barrier, while he was going to work on Saturday.

A report from Ma’an News in Bethlehem said that Abu Salim was stopped by Israeli soldiers who began hitting him viciously all over his body. He said that he now has bruises all over his body.

Abu Salim said that the Israeli soldiers tore up his ID and seized his military uniform. They warned him against trying to go through the barrier again as he has been told that he is no longer allowed to pass through the barrier.

Abu Salim said that this is the fourth time that he has faced such treatment with no clear reasons given for this treatment.

Medical reports showed that Abu Salim has many bruises on his body, especially on his hands and stomach. He has been treated in hospital and his condition is reported to be stable.