Detainees of the Hamas movement imprisoned in Israeli detention facilities have dissociated themselves from the National Unity Document signed by jailed leaders of various movements. The  prisoners said that they haven’t signed the document and that they have several reservations on it.

The Hamas detainees affirmed, in a statement they issued to clarify a number of issues, that the signed document wasn’t in any way reflecting their position as decisive political stands of the Movement aren’t taken arbitrarily or individually, but rather through profound consultations with the Movement’s political leadership outside.

The detainees added that their reservations to the signed documents does not mean that they underestimate the detainees who formulated and signed it, and that they believe that the document was formulated with the intension to boost the Palestinian national unity.

They underlined that they support any initiative that would enhance the Palestinian national unity without conceding any of the Palestinian people’s national stands and aspirations.

Ziyad Deyyah, the Hamas member of the preparatory committee of the current Palestinian national dialog conference, reported that any document that calls for recognizing Israel or conceding a single inch of the Palestinian lands, even implicitly, is absolutely rejected as far as we are concerned", the Palestine-info news website reported.

“We are in continuous dialog with our leadership, we are part of every decision Hamas makes, especially the decisions that involves fundamental Palestinian issues”, the Hamas detainees said, “Our political leadership is the side which is authorized to present the final decisions, it is the side who is authorized to initiate dialog regarding these issues”.