The leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) party has officially notified Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya that the party is ready to participate in the Palestinian government and the interior ministry’s back up security force, reported Palestinian sources on Monday.

Nasser Al-Kafarna, PFLP politburo member, said that his party gave their support to Haniyya after Haniyya had delivered his address to the Palestinian Legislative Council announcing the formation of his cabinet.  He explained that certain progress was made to overcome differences between Hamas and the PFLP.

He elaborated that Haniyya’s program affirmed the role of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and hence "we told them of our approval to participate in the government and to commence immediate dialogue to agree on details".

A senior PFLP delegation a few days ago officially notified Haniyya of "our preparedness to participate in the Palestinian government and the back up security force after its inclusion in the PA police force", Kafarne underlined.

He said that the Prime Minister’s statement at the national dialogue conference Thursday had expedited the PFLP’s decision to join the government.  In his speech, Haniyya addressed the concern of the PFLP and other parties that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) would continue to be considered as the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people under the new Hamas government.  He also addressed issues of international legitimacy and the UN resolution 194.

Haniyya told the delegation that he would consult the Hamas leadership and the government before replying to the PFLP request, he said.

The PFLP had refrained from participation in the Hamas-formed PA government late last March after objecting to the non-inclusion of an item recognizing the PLO as the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.