A medical source at Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Hanoun reported that three Palestinians were killed and at least seven residents were injured during armed clashes that took place between fighters of the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, and special forces of the Israeli army that operated in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

In a phone call with IMEMC, the source stated that the three fighters were repeatedly shot in several parts of their bodies.

The source identified the three deceased as Abdul-Rahman Abu Shanab, Yousef Abu Al Mi’za, and Mohammad Matar.

At least five residents were injured by rounds of live ammunition, while several other residents were treated for shock.

Eleven residents had to be hospitalized at Kamal Adwan Hospital, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, including two local reporters injured in the Israeli strike.

The two reporters were identified as Mahmoud Al Bayidh, a reporter for the Ramatan News Agency, and Yahia Al Madhoun, who works with Youth Radio.

Soldiers also fired at least one missile at a medical team while they were attempting to evacuate the killed and wounded residents; at least one medic was injured in the attack.

Apparently, the fighters were on their way to fire homemade shells at Israeli targets in the south when they were ambushed by the Israeli special forces that operated in the area and attacked.  

In Al Atatra area, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, an armed group exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers stationed near the “security zone” created by Israeli forces on Palestinian lands in the area.