Israeli authorities issued a military order to annex 30 Dunams of Palestinian lands that belong to residents of Al Jab’a village, south-east of Bethlehem. The annexed lands will be used to the construction of new sections of the annexation Wall in the area.

A source at the office of the General Committee for Land Defense in the West Bank reported that the new Israeli military order were signed by Ya’er Neveh Alof, leader of the Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.

The order which carried number 33/06/T aims at annexing huge areas of Palestinian orchards in Al Khour area, east of Al Jab’a village. The Wall in that area extends for 340 meters length and 48-100 meters in width.

Mousa Makhamra, head of the General Committee for Land Defense, located in Hebron, reported that the Israeli decision also includes using some the annexed Dunams for military purposes.

Makhamra added that the orchards are planted with olive trees and other plants, and that they are in a fertile ground. “Agriculture is the the main source of livelihood for the residents in this area”, he added.

Recently, the Israeli army also annexed 100 Dunams in the area in order to establish a settlement road and a border crossing that connects the settlement blocs of Gush Atzion with the Israeli city of Bet Shemesh.