Israeli soldiers attacked on Tuesday several detainees in Al Damoun detention facility after breaking into a section of the facility and violently attacking and beating them, causing several injuries. Al Damoun prison is located in Al Carmel mountain, north of the country.


Prisoners Supporters Society reported that several detainees suffered concussions and bruises after being violently attacked by the soldiers.

The society added that this attack is part of the series of Israeli violations to the rights of the Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons and detention facilities.

One of the lawyers of the society attempted to visit detainees Basem Tahaina, from Jenin, and Mohammad Al Harry, from Salfit, who were attacked and badly beaten by the soldiers in the facility, but the soldiers barred him from visiting them.

It is worth mentioning that Al Damoun prison was declared by the Israeli Authorities as unfit for human use, and called for its closure but the Israeli Prison Administration refused to close it.

The society called on local and international humanitarian and legal organizations to interfere in order to stop the Israeli violations and attacks against the detainees.