The Palestinian government, headed by the Hamas party, denounced Israel’s arrest of Aziz Kayed, deputy secretary of the Palestinian cabinet, after breaking into his home in Al Biereh city, near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

On Tuesday at dawn, dozens of Israeli soldiers broke into the house of Kayed and thoroughly searched it before arresting him.

Family members said that troops encircled the house at 4 am and confiscated the hard disk of Keyed’s personal computer and a sum of money.

Kayed, 42, was appointed to his post by end of last March. He was previously detained in Israeli prisons on more than one occasion.

Kayed is from  from Sabastia, near Nablus, and has Masters degree in political sciences.

Haziz Hamad, spokesperson for the Palestinian government, stated that this attack is a continuation of Israel’s policies against the Hamas government and the Palestinian people.

“The Israeli government wants to obstruct the conducts of the Palestinian Authority”, Kayed added, “These violations will not deter the government from pursuing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people”.

Hamad also said that Israel is trying to obstruct the movement of government officials, and is threatening to forcedly relocate Jerusalem legislators out of the city.