Palestinian refugees in Iraq are once again being displaced, while their Right of Return is being ignored. Now, as some as being put in tent-camps in Syria and others are still in Iraq under fire, would be an appropriate time to implement UN Resolution 194. However, the international community continues to ignore the 50 some-odd year old resolution.

Director of the Center for Religious Freedom, Sistani, reiterates that "religion forbids the killing of Palestinians".

 He called on all leaders, official organizations and institutions, to religious and popular disapproval of what is happening with the Palestinians in Iraq.

The Center called on Syria to provide protection and welfare to the Palestinian refugees who were received at the borders of Iraq. The now twice or thrice time refugees need international law to be honored, in particular after how they have been treated in Iraq and by the Jordanians who refused their entry, and the international community who refuse to honor the Right of Return.

Sistani also demanded the Right of Return, UN Resolution 194, must be implemented. The Security Council must act to implement these laws, assume their responsibilities nad take action to stop crimes against Palestinian refugees in Iraq and Palestine.

The Center sent a letter to the Arab League and the Islamic Nation to activate the refugee issue. The living conditions must be improved until they can return to their homes. This is the responsibility of all Arab and Islamic countries, stresses Sistani. They also have a responsibility to stand beside the Palestinian people in the face of the US and Israeli siege and the latest set of restrictions and commandments they are trying to impose on the Palestinian government.