Issa Qaraqi’ member of the Palestinian Parliament said on Saturday, that Fatah will not be able to take over the Palestinian Authority even if Hamas Gov’t falls, because of the absence of a clear strategy that guides the movement.
Qaraqi’s who is a Fatah member said, the movement did not take lessons from the past experience.

" I cannot see that the Fatah Movement has learned from its previous experience; the mentality of machismo and exclusion still control the Movement and it has not started to seriously re-arrange its internal situation".

Qarqi’ added : "We do not find that the Fatah leadership even cares for its members of parliament, not in terms of organization nor orientation; no-one in the Central Committee even makes the effort to sit with the parliamentary Fatah Bloc to learn its members’ names".

He slammed Fatah’s inaction as an opposition to Hamas, saying that the movement does not provide an alternative.

"If the Hamas program has led to a crisis and failed to rescue the Palestinian situation, the Fatah Movement has not worked as an opposition to persuade the Palestinian people with a new substitute," Qaraqi said.

He ended his statement by saying that he believes the PLC will turn into a platform for speeches and quarreling, as it is in a period of paralysis due to the sever conflict between the two major Hamas and Fatah parties.