Palestinian political prisoner, General Fuad Shobaki, denies reports attributed to him by Israeli prison authorities. During interrogations, Israeli forces claim Shobaki confessed to weapons smuggling.

Shobaki is one of the most prominent figures Israeli forces took when they stormed the Palestinian Authority jail in the southeastern West Bank’s city of Jericho approximately two months ago.

The political prisoner wrote a press release adamantly denying Israeli authorities reports that he “confessed” to anything at all, writing that this is “an Israeli attempt to defame his name and malign worldwide opinion against him.”
The Brigadier General said frankly, “This is a lie and a fabrication.”

Shobaki said that false statements were reported in the Israeli media and reported in some Arab media. He also wrote in his statement that these Israeli tactics violate international norms, which is the case inside Israeli prisons where Palestinians are not afforded the most basic human rights, according to in-depth research conducted by the Palestinian Prisoner Society.