In a step apparently countering the Hamas Special Forces in the Gaza Strip, Fatah deployed its Special Force into the West Bank city of Jenin on Saturday, Palestinian sources reported.

The force which contains some 2500 armed men mainly consists of members of Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade, the armed wing of Fatah, rallied in the streets of Jenin. The force is led by Fatah leaders of Al Aqsa brigades; all wore black uniforms and chanted national slogans.

In a press conference in the city, the Secretary General of Fatah in Jenin district Ata Abu Rmeila, who founded this force, announced that the mission of this force is to implement law and order and to and to protect the National Project from those he called "corrupt."

"This force is not a substitute to the Palestinian police force," said Abu Rmeila, "it will be integrated in it and it will include members from other factions."

Meanwhile, Zakariya Zobeidi, leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade in Jenin, said "this force is the force of the Palestinian Liberation organization and will implement its decisions, defend and protect it, since the PLO is the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinians".

Qaddoura Mousa, Jenin Governer, expressed concerns about copying Hamas’ action from Gaza to the West Bank, making a reference to the recently formed forced that Hamas deployed to the streets of Gaza Strip, which will be under the direct command of the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Sai’d Siyam.

Mousa added that there is only one united force that works according to the Palestinian constitution, which is the National Security Force.

Hamas said there is no need for this force to be deployed in Jenin because the Palestinian National Security force is doing its job.

The Islamic Jihad did not clearly reject or approve the deployment of such force.

Mahmoud Al-Saadi, leader of the Islamic Jihad, said "We support any step that would bring good to the people and help protect them, and reject anything that would create internal fights."

Fatah has strongly criticized Hamas’ deployment of a security force in Gaza Strip saying that it is unlawful.