Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, denied reports that it intends to weigh a proposal from Qatar to dissolve the Hamas-led government, and form a technocrat government headed by “liberal figures” that are approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and by Hamas.

Ahmad Bahar, first deputy of PLC head, told the Palestinian Radio that the movement is still interested in forming a national unity government, but added that if “this means attempting to dissolve the Hamas-government, the movement will not allow this to happen”.

Commenting on the National Dialog document, Bahar stated that the document is a good start for talks and that it has several positive aspects, but it also has some issues that contradict with the Palestinian standards.

“These issues will be presented during the national talks”, Bahar added.

Also, Bahar said that Hamas rejects the proposal of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to hold a national referendum on the detainees document because “it is still early to talk about a referendum in the current time”, and that the “document calls for recognizing the unjust decisions of the international legitimacy”.