During the morning’s invasion to Nablus, an event that has become a daily occurrence for two months, Israeli forces arrested Palestinians, taking them to an unknown locations and destroyed the infrastructure of Balata Refugee Camp.

Local sources report that Israeli forces invaded Nablus City and its Balata Refugee Camp. The northern West Bank area has lost dozens of young Palestinians throughout months of raids, not only with injuries and killings, but with rampant arrests.

Those imprisoned from this morning include Hamza Mofid Al Bastami, 30 year old Ahmed Radwan Abu Rizaq, 19 year old Yasser Kalbouna, and 19 year old Abdul-Halim Daoud from Nablus’ Rafidia neighborhood and a 44 year old from the camp.

In addition to detaining the young men, Israeli forces led bulldozers down the central market of Balata Refugee Camp, sweeping away the network of telephone lines as well as the central electrical line.

 The downing of the electrical line left several camp neighborhoods with no electricity.

After the invasion of Nablus and the Balata Refugee Camp, Israeli forces proceeded to raid the nearby town of Kaleel Hamlet, where residents awoke to several explosions during the early morning hours.