Saturday. gunmen opened fire at convoy of Raheed Abu Shbak, head of the Preventive Security force in the Gaza Strip, loyal to Fateh movement, as he attended the funeral of a fellow officer who was killed by gunmen. The force accuses Hamas gunmen of killing the officer.

According to eyewitness accounts, Abu Shbak, got caught in the crossfire of a Hamas-Fatah gun battle on Saturday while he was attending the funeral of the security officer killed overnight.

Abu Shbak was apparently unharmed in the attack, and was rushed out from the area; one of his men and a civilian were injured in the attack.

Abu Shbak has close ties with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and senior Fateh official Mahmoud Dahlan. Dahlan headed the preventive security force in Gaza before Abu Shbak.

During the funeral, gunmen chanted "Revenge, revenge" and fired in the air, passing by several groups of Hamas gunmen.
Last month Palestinian security discovered a large roadside bomb that they said was intended to assassinate Abu Shbak. The 70-kilogram (154-pound) bomb was planted on a road linking his home to his office.