Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received on Saturday at night at the Presidential headquarters in  Gaza, the child Huda Ghalia who lost on Friday seven members of her family in an Israeli military attack, while vacationing on Gaza beach.

“No doubt, what happened to Huda’s family is a crime against humanity and innocent civilians”, Abbas  stated, “ It is an unforgivable crime that targeted civilians who were enjoying their weekend on the seashore”.

Also, Abbas added that these attacks are carried against people who have always wanted peace, and called for peace.

He sent a message to Israeli leaders who justified this attack, and said that these”barbaric crimes will not bring peace and security”.

“This child is my daughter, and the daughter of the Palestinian people, Abbas stated, “Those who killed her family do not want peace”.
"Huda lost her parents for Palestine. Her dead relatives are Allah’s shaheeds (martyrs) that died for the liberation of Palestine”, he added.
Less than two years ago, four members of the family were killed when an Israeli army shell hit the family farm in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahia.

On Friday evening, the Israeli army shelled the Gaza beach while thousands of residents were vacationing there, ten residents, including a father, his wife, and their three children were killed in the attack. Dozens of residents were injured in the attack, some seriously.

Secretary General of the Arab League, Amro Mousa, denounced the attack and described it as “unacceptable terrorism”.

Suadi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Bahren, Egypt and Jordan slammed that attack that targeted innocent civilians and demanded the Security Council to act against the continuous Israeli violations.
Russia also slammed that attack and slammed Israel’s excessive use of force.

UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, demanded a probe in the attack that targeted civilians. France also condemned the strike, while Spain rejected the use of force to solve the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

Regarding his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,  Abbas said "we must meet," asserting that holding a referendum is not a goal, but the main goal is the national reconciliation.