A Palestinian security source in Ramallah reported Monday night that Fateh members stormed government, parliament buildings in Ramallah and set ablaze the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister, and Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh.
Israel does not allow Haniyeh to enter the West Bank and therefore he lacks access to his Ramallah office, and he is permanently located in Gaza.

Earlier on Monday, a Hamas member and a civilian were killed in exchanges of fire between rival Hamas and Fatah gunmen in the Gaza Strip.

Also on Monday, gunmen opened fire at a convoy belonging to Fateh’s Preventive Security force chief, Rasheed Abu Shbak, as he attended the funeral of a fellow officer. Abu Shbak rushed from scene unharmed, but two members of his force were injured.
Hamas blamed Fatah gunmen for the killing of one of its members during the funeral of a gunman that was killed in clashes on Sunday, but Fateh refuted the claims by Hamas.

Hamas sources reported that a sniper positioned on the roof of the headquarters had opened fire at Hammad Abu Jazar, member of the Hamas Executive Force, and killed him.

During Monday’s clashes, Hamas gunmen fired shells at the Rafah building of the Preventive Security Forces in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, near the borders of Egypt.

Dozens of Gunmen ignored orders by the Interior Minister to evacuate the streets of Rafah and the clashes resumed for a few hours.

A Palestinian civilian was killed in the night clashes between the rival factions. The casualty is a deaf man identified as Suleiman Zannoun, 37.

The latest escalations come a day after the faild Sunday talks between President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.