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Army arrests three residents from Tulkarem and two from Nablus. The Israeli Army invades Jenin and unknown gunmen burn the PLC offices in Salfit, One youth from arrested from Bethlehem, Al Quds Open University students’ protest in Beit Sahour, Gaza shelled by Israeli air force killing 9 and injuring 20, Palestinian resistance fighters ambush army vehicles in Nablus.  Those stories and more coming up stay tuned.

Gaza shelled by Israeli air force killing 9 and injuring 20

The Israeli air force jetfighters fired several missiles at a car in Salah Al Den Street in Gaza city Tuesday afternoon, killing nine and injuring 20.

According to medical sources, there are children among those injured and killed. Ambulances are evacuating the injured and the bodies to the local hospitals

Local sources said that the car belongs to activists from the Islamic Jihad

The Israeli army arrested three residents during a predawn invasion to the West Bank city of Tulkarem Tuesday

Infantry troops and army vehicles stormed the city as soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs randomly at the resident’s houses.

Troops conducted a house-by-house search campaign before arresting Mohamed Al Tahal, 35, Osama Awad, 25, and Mohamed Awad, 27. The three men all were taken to unknown locations, eyewitnesses reported.

Meanwhile another army special unit invaded Izpit Al Jarad area in the city and took positions on rooftops and fired heavily towards the Palestinian Intelligence headquarters in the area before storming and searching it. There were no arrests or injures, local sources reported

Army arrests two residents from Nablus

Two more Nablus residents were arrested Tuesday at dawn as the Israeli soldiers continue their military campaign in the West Bank city

Soldiers stormed the residents’ houses in several parts of the city and arrested Mohamed Ma’rof, 18, and Ali Ma’rof, 22. The men were taken to unknown location.

Palestinian resistance fighters ambush army vehicles in Nablus

Palestinian resistance fighters from Al Aqsa martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah have ambushed Israeli military vehicles in the West Bank city of Nablus Tuesday morning.

The Brigades confirmed in a press release that one group of their activists attacked an army vehicle with two molotov cocktails in an ambush of the Ad-Duwwar area in the city of Nablus

The Brigades said in their press release that another group ambushed another Israeli military vehicle in Al Quds Street in the city, and confirmed that they will continue their resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Army invades Jenin

The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and clashed with local Palestinian resistance fighters Tuesday at dawn

According to local residents, troops and armored vehicles stormed the city while an undercover army unit attempted to infiltrate the Jenin refugee camp. The unit failed to get into the camp and clashed with the local resident’ fighters

It is not known if there are any injuries; No arrests have been made as of the time of this report.

Army arrests one resident while settlers attacks farmers and burns fields in Hebron

The Israeli army s have one resident and settlers attacked and injured five farmers and burned their crops in Yata village south of the West Bank city of Hebron.

On Tuesday morning. Settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Ma’on, attacked the farmers who were collecting their crops, settlers used guns and clubs while the army arrested on farmer, whose name remains unknown, local sources reported

Eyewitnesses said that the settlers set fire to the crops before leaving, which damaged a large area of the farm land the main source of income for the farmers.

Unknown gunmen burns the PLC offices in Salfit

Unknown gunmen have burned the Palestinian Legislative Council offices in the West Bank city of Salfit Tuesday morning

According to eyewitnesses, more than ten masked gunmen stormed the office building, handcuffing the guard before setting it on fire

Palestinian fire brigades and police rushed to the scene along with the residents in an attempt to put the fire out

The local police have started an investigation of the attack; local residents have also expressed their anger and condemned such attacks.

Army arrests one youth from Bethlehem

The Israeli army has arrested Ahmad Yassen, 17, from Aida refugee in the West Bank city of Bethlehem Tuesday at dawn.

Troops stormed the Refugee camp and searched several houses before arresting Yassen and taking him to unknown destination, eyewitnesses reported.

Al Quds Open University students’ protests in Beit Sahour

With burning tires and stones, the students of the Quads Open University in the West Bank city of Beit Sahour protested on Tuesday afternoon, at their university’s decision to be placed under the control of the Palestinian Authority ( PA) instead of the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO).

Students mainly from Fatah youth closed the main street alongside the university blocking traffic with burning tyres.

One of the demonstrators said that the students were also protesting against internal fighting and the financial hardship that PA Employees are facing from not recieving their salaries over the last four months.


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