One hour before the Israeli air force carried two strikes in Gaza killing eleven residents, including two children and three medics, Israeli Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, said that Israel will continue to strike areas in the Gaza Strip in order to “defend itself” from the homemade shells fired by resistance fighters.

The strike in a heavily populated and crowded area left eleven residents, including two children, dead. The attack targeted two members of the Islamic Jihad, both fighters were killed, while the rest of the casualties are civilians.   

“We showed a great deal of self restraint in light of the international uproar that resulted, but it’s over”, Peretz stated, “Now, nothing will stand in the way of our needed operations”.

Also, Peretz added that will act with all the means “against it”.

"We will act with all our might and use all our means against any group that acts against us," Peretz said.

Meanwhile, Khader Habib, Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, speaking to protesters outside a Gaza Hospital, said that the strike is a “ brutal massacre committed against innocent civilians, and fighters from our group”.

Habib added that the armed wing of the movement will have a harsh response, and that “all options are open”.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the Israeli attack and described it as state terrorism.