Five months after Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian Lawyer, the Israeli Salem Military Court sentences him on for eleven consecutive months, the Palestine News Network reported.

The lawyer, Dirar Moneer Al Saady, from the West Bank city of Jenin, was tortured during interrogation and subjected to different sort of humiliation and psychological pressures.

Lawyer Fareed Hawwash, one of the colleagues of Al Saady, reported that Al Saady works at Mishkat Al Aseer organization that defends Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons.

“They tortured him to achieve forced confessions, and to break his spirit”, Hawwash stated, “He remained steadfast and strong, never gave up to them”.

The Mishkat Al Aseer organization represents dozens of Palestinian detainees and exposes the Israeli violations practiced against them.

Hawwash said that Israel is targeting Palestinian lawyers because they defend the detainees and “defend freedom, justice and law”.

“This is state terrorism, this state [Israel] does not only target civilians” Hawwash added, “This state targets lawyers who defend justice in Palestine, Dirar is one of those lawyers now behind bars”.

Hawwash appealed humanitarian, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to interfere in order to release those lawyer illegally imprisoned in Israeli detention centers and camps.

Moreover, the following detainees were sentenced by the Salem military court on Wednesday;

Ali Abdul-Hamid Nasser – 5 months.
Mansour Mustafa Bani-Odeh, 17 months.
Mahmoud Mohammad Bani Odeh, 34 months,
Ali Omar Bani Odeh, 45 months.  

Israel claimed that the detainees are members of the Islamic Jihad, the Palestine News Network reported.