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Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 27th 2006
Updates about Gaza  Two Palestinian workers killed trying to enter Jerusalem and Army arrests 15 residents form Bethlehem
Those stories and more coming up stay tuned
Gaza update
The people of the Gaza Strip are preparing for Israel’s imminent attack threatened at the height of the economic and political blockade, during one of the most intense periods of invasion. Entire families have been killed, without Hamas repercussion.  Daily air attacks turn life into a nightmare. And today residents expect it to get even worse.
Palestinians are creating earth mounds to block the Strip’s borders as far north as possible while Israeli tanks gear up on the other side. Jabaliya Refugee Camp residents are trying to protect themselves by fortifying the entrances of most densely populated place on the earth. The Palestinian Health Ministry has constructed a new surgery room in anticipation of the invasion.
Saleh Al Naaami a Palestinian political analyst of Israeli affairs says : 
Sources in Al Aqsa and Al Qassam brigades, the armed resistance wings of Fateh and Hamas, are collecting all the weapons they have and all members are on alert. Among the weapons is an anti-missile deterrent.
Israeli forces are increasing numbers at the northern border, with vehicles, Special Forces, and troops of soldiers are ready to drive into and make Gaza a killing zone. This is the fulfillment of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s intentions to attack the Strip After the resistance tried to trade a captured soldier for female and child political prisoners, and may see Benjamin Netanyahu’s dream come true as he said earlier this week that the Israelis could “wipe Gaza off the face of the earth.”
Two Palestinian workers killed south of Jerusalem               
Palestinian medical sources reported that two Palestinian workers were shot and killed Monday night by Israeli military fire at Sheikh Sa’ad checkpoint, south of Jerusalem,  the Arabs48 news website reported.
Eyewitnesses reported that about 150 workers were waiting at the Israeli checkpoint while the soldiers were investigating the two men’s identity cards and questioning them. The two workers then attempted to take a bypass road to escape further delays but the soldiers spotted them and opened fire.
One of the workers was shot in his head while the other was shot in his chest, kiling them instantly, Eyewitnesses said.
The two still remain unidentified though it is likely they come from Bethlehem, the closest city to the checkpoint.
Army arrests 15 residents form Bethlehem
The Israeli army arrested 15 residents from the West Bank city of Bethlehem Tuesday at dawn.
Troops and army jeeps stormed  several neighborhoods in the city, soldiers searched homes before arresting Mohamed Al Haj, 21, Hamdi Abu Teer, 20, Rami Aiash, 22, and his brother Aish Aiash, 27, Khalied Jbril, 24, and Ra’ed Salahat, 23, all were taken to unknown locations, local sources reported.

Earlier the army also invaded the nearby village of Al Shawaora and arrested six residents. Those arrested were: Nader Salem, 30, Majed Hamdan, 23, Wa’el Salem, 22, Tarik Salem, 30, Sliman Salem, 23, and Ibrahem Abu Al Howar, 38. The six were all taken to unknown locations according to eyewitness reports.

Meanwhile another military force invaded the nearby village of Obadia, east of the city and arrested Naji Abu Sarhan, 28, Sloiman Rawaida, 24, and Issa Rawaida , 35. After their homes were searched they were taken to unknown locations, according to eyewitness reports.
One resident arrested in Jab’e village near Jenin
The Israeli army arrested one resident from Jab’e village south of the West Bank city of Jenin during a predawn invasion Tuesday.
Ahmad Khaliliah, 18, was arrested when troops stormed the village, searched several houses, before arresting Khaliliah and taking him to unknown location, eyewitnesses reported.
The Israeli army also invaded the nearby village of Siliat Al Harthia and searched several homes, though no arrests were made, local sources reported. 
Settlers and army storms Nablus
Israeli soldiers and settlers stormed the West Bank city of Nablus Tuesday at dawn.
Troops invaded several neighborhoods and searched several houses before leaving without any arrests, local sources reported.
Another group of settlers invaded the city and were attempting to make their way to the Yousif Tomp area but instead rushed out of the city, eyewitnesses said.
Nablus is used to the daily army invasion that often result in
Numerous residents being arrested, killed, or injured.
Army arrests one resident east of Qalqilia
The Israeli army arrested Nohaned Hamad, 23, at the eastern entrance to the West Bank city of Qalqilia Tuesday at dawn.
Hamad was arrested when troops stopped his car at a military checkpoint and searched it before taking him to unknown location.
One resident injured after being attacked by the army
Jaodat Abd Al Fatah, a resident of Beit Awoa village near the West Bank city of Hebron, sustained several bruises after being attacked by the Israeli army Tuesday morning.
 Al Fatah was stooped at a military checkpoint between the village and the city by soldiers who then attacked him without reason. Troops also stopped the ambulance trying to transport him to a hospital for more than a hour, eyewitnesses reported.
Army arrests three residents from Sielet  Al Harthiyya village west of Jenin
Israeli army troops have invaded Sielet al Harthiyya village west of the West Bank city of Jenin, and arrested three residents there, on Tuesday morning.
The arrestees were identified as Ahmad Jaradat, 24, Mo’taz Tahina, 25, Maher Zobod, 28; all were taken to unknown locations.
 Troops stormed the village searched scores of homes before arresting the three, local sources reported.
Army arrests two residents from Tulkarem
Mohammad Kan’an, 27, and Mohammad Sinuora, 21, were arrested when the Israeli army invaded Thinnaba neighborhood east of the West Bank city of Tulkarem, on Tuesday morning.
Troops stormed the area, closed all roades leading to it, and then searched several houses before arresting the two and taking them to unknown locations, eyewitnesses reported.
Palestine Weather Report
The Palestinian Weather Forecast department expects the weather on to be generally clear on Tuesday. Temperatures will be above average with moderate north-westerly winds and calm seas.
Expected temperatures will be as follows:
Jerusalem and Salfit: 20 – 31
Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Tulkarem and Qalqilia: 19 – 30
Nablus: 20 – 32 Tubas: 21 – 33 Jenin: 22 – 34 Jericho: 25 – 41 Salfit: 20 – 31 Gaza: 22 – 29
Rafah and Khan Younis: 21 – 28 degrees Celsius
And that’s just some of the news for today in Palestine. For constant updates, check out the International Middle East Media Center website,  As always, thanks for joining us.  From Occupied Bethlehem, this is Palestine today, brought to you by Pennie Quinton,  Miya Willaims Carpenter and Ghassan Bannoura