Palestinian security sources in Gaza reported on Tuesday evening that an Israeli war-jet fired two missiles at a Palestinian vehicle, apparently carrying fighters, near the house of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas in Tal Al Hawa area, south of Gaza City; one fighter was killed and five residents were injured.

Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of the Public Relations Department at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, reported that the body of the fighter, Hamza Moharib, in his twenties, was severely mutilated as a result of the blast which made it difficult to identify him immediately.

Al Saqqa added that at least two of the injured are in serious conditions.

Eyewitnesses reported that huge damages were reported to several vehicles and houses in the area of the blast.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the army is not involved in the blast, adding that the explosion is “most likely caused by a technical error committed by the fighters”.