Palestinian chief negotiator Dr. Sa’eb Ereikat said the has planned for the invasion to the Gaza Strip is prior to the capture of the Israeli soldier in Sunday’s attack against an Israeli military base south of Gaza Strip.

Ereikat said, several Israeli newspapers reported that the Israeli Military is preparing for a major invasion to the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli military spokesperson said the military offensive may be stopped if the soldier is returned safe and sound, yet refrained from ensuring that it will stop, saying there are other goals for this offensive.

On the other hand, Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) declared that they will kill a captured settler who was captured on Monday night in the West Bank, if invades the Gaza Strip.

PRC spokesperson declared the name of the settlers as Eliyahu Asheri, a student at a military college.

Israeli forces shelled two bridges and the power planet in the Gaza Strip saying that this will limit the movement of the captives of the Israeli soldier.

In addition army shelled civilian areas forcing civilians to flee their houses.