Israeli troops arrested around 600 Palestinian workers inside the ‘green line’ (Palestinian lands occupied since 1948) over the past 24 hours at the pretext of working without permits, according to Israeli military sources.  They added that most of those arrested were working in the occupied Jerusalem district and central Israel.

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Israeli police arrest 1,000 Palestinian workers since Sunday
2006-06-28 22:40:23

Israeli police have rounded up more than a thousand Palestinian workers since the beginning of the week inside the ‘green line’ border with Israel.  Thousands of Palestinians work inside Israel, and Israeli contractors frequently use Palestinians as a source of cheap labor — some have permits, while some are undocumented workers.

With the onset of the economic siege on Palestine, many workers have taken more risks than usual in crossing into Israel, in an effort to feed their hungry families.  Meanwhile Israeli police have also been cracking down on undocumented Palestinian workers, arresting thousands over the last several months and deporting them back to Palestine.  Israeli employees have also been fined.

The trade union of Islamic workers syndicate denounced the Israeli policy against those laborers, charging that it is in collusion with the Israeli government’s siege on the Palestinian people, an economic siege meant to pressure the Palestinian people to renounce their democratically elected choice of the Hamas party in elections in January.

The trade union urged legal institutions, human rights societies and world trade unions to support the Palestinian workers, to convey their suffering to the world, and to expose the Israeli occupation’s crimes against them.

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