The Israeli army troops discovered the body of kidnapped Israeli settler Eliyahu Asheri in Tira neighborhood in the West Bank city of Ramallah Thursday at dawn.

A large force stormed the city around 4am to remove the body of the settler. The settler is a resident of the nearby Itmar settlement.

The army launched a military operation in the city of Rammallah and the nearby town of El-Bireh last night looking for the settler and broke into scores of civilian homes and arrested a large number of PA ministers, deputies and Palestinians leaders in both cities, local sources reported.

The army did not release any new information or details on the condition of the settler until after the body was checked, Israeli sources reported.

 The Nasser Salah Eddin Brigades, armed wing of the popular resistance committees, warned earlier that it would kill the settler if the army did not stop its offensive in the Gaza Strip.