Airstrikes from Israeli planes have destroyed the Interior Ministry in Gaza City as Israeli forces continue to destroy Palestinian infrastructure and civil installations in a bid to totally destroy the Palestinian economy and social institutions in what is being called ‘Operation Summer Rain.’

The Palestinian society for the speech impaired, the only center for speech-impaired residents of Gaza, was severely damaged when Israeli bombs destroyed its training workshops.  The society serves hundreds of speech impaired Palestinian citizens, most being children.

The Israel air force bombed the only remaining power plant in the Gaza Strip Thursday night, leaving the entire Gaza Strip in a full electrical blackout, with Israeli flares and flash bombs providing the only light in the air above the darkened refugee camps and cities. The first main power plant was destroyed in an airstrike  Wednesday night , leaving almost half a million people without power.

Israeli forces continued its heavy shelling throughout Gaza Thursday with airstrikes firing over 400 artillery shells at northern and southern Gaza on Thursday alone, according to security sources.

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahranoth reported that Israeli forces renewed artillery fire in northern Gaza from two artillery batteries which had been temporarily decommissioned after they had been found to have fired the six shells that killed seven members of the Ghalia family at a beach picnic June 9.
Two Palestinian policemen were injured Thursday by shrapnel from artillery shells fired at a National Security building in northern Gaza, Israeli sources said.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military, which has been bombarding the Palestinian territories with airstrikes and barrages of artillery since Sunday.  Thousands of Israeli tanks are poised to attack on both the northern and southern borders of the Gaza Strip.