Friday evening, three Palestinians was injured in an Israel air strike in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources reported. An Israeli military source confirmed the attack and said that a missile was fired at a vehicle carrying fighters of the Islamic Jihad.

“The missile landed and detonated near the vehicle”, the source added. Four fighters were inside the targeted vehicle, but they managed to escape before the missile hit their car.

Moreover, an Israeli source reported that a Qassam homemade shell rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed on Friday within hundreds of meters of Ashkelon, no injuries were reported.  

Also on Friday, Palestinian medical sources in the West Bank city of Nablus reported that one resident was killed, at least thirty were injured, during clashes that erupted in the city after the Israeli forces invaded it; two residents are in critical conditions

Palestinian security officials said that troops shot and killed two fighter during  gunbattle in a  cemetery in the city. Troops surrounded the cemetery, trapping four fighters inside and exchanged fire with them.