Israeli soldiers guarding the gate of the annexation Wall near Azoun Atma village, 10 kilometers to the south of Qalqlia in the northern West Bank, stopped an ambulance transferring a sick child for two hours, the Palestine News Agency (PNN) reported.


The two year old child was suffering from diarrhea and was very weak. 

Abdul-Rahman Mansour, a medic and the driver of the Red Crescent Ambulance, said that they receiveda call about the sick child early Sunday morning and headed towards the village, which is completely surrounded by the annexation Wall. 

“We reached the gate at approximately 3:30, but we found it closed and we called the soldiers using the ambulance’s loud speaker”, the medic said, “but the soldiers ignored our calls, although I spoke in Hebrew and informed him about the condition of the child”.  

The soldiers did not respond and kept the gate closed until 5am when a military vehicle arrived in the area.

Mansour said three other men were also at the gate waiting to cross. 

The men told Mansour that they have been waiting for the gate to open since 10 p.m. They were finally able to cross to their village at 6am the next morning, the PNN reported.