Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmet told his cabinet during a meeting Sunday that he instructed the “defense establishment” to "strike and hurt anyone who bears responsibility of attacks against Israel."


Olmert, talking during a cabinet session Sunday, said that Israel will not negotiate with the capturers of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, adding that negotiations mean “inviting the next attack”.

He added that he spoke to the family of Shalit and informed them about the latest developments and steps “Israel is taking to release the soldier”
“I instructed the cabinet and the government to do anything to release the soldiers,” Olmert stated, “When I say everything, I mean everything”.

By surrounding and shelling the entire Gaza Strip, Olmert said he aims at increasing the pressure on Hamas officials in the Palestinian Authority and in Syria, Israeli Ynetnews reported.

Before the weekly cabinet meeting, Olmert and the Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz held a meeting to discuss the developments in the Israeli operations dubbed by Israel as “operation summer rain”. 

Peretz briefed Olmert on the deployments of forces in and around the Gaza Strip and a plan of a possible entry of infantry units.
Israeli security sources reported Sunday that the Popular Resistance Committees have attempted to abduct an Israeli soldier two and a half weeks ago.

According to Olmert, two fighters were arrested while trying to enter Israel through Egypt in order to abduct soldiers.