Palestine Justice Minister Ahmad al-Khalidi said in an interview with the London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi. that a decision to press war crime charges against with the International Criminal Court has been made.

He said that the Hamas-led government is drafting a petition against Israel which will be filed with International Criminal Court at The Hague for "war crimes it committed against the Palestinians," a reference to the latest series of air strikes in Gaza and arrests of Hamas legislators in the West Bank.

Al-Khalidi said Israeli air strikes on power and water stations and government buildings in the Gaza Strip violate international law. The minister warned that if the court fails to stop ‘s aggression against the Palestinians, Hamas will have no choice but to use violence to defend its people.

"Suing in the international court is a test for international institutions. If they deny the rights of Palestinians, then the international community has to act responsibly when it comes to blocking the legal channels to the Palestinians, forcing them to use violence to defend ourselves and our people," he said.

A statement issued Monday by the Palestinian government said: "What is being done against the Palestinian people and its government amount to war crimes which require the intervention of the United Nations."

Al-Khalidi stressed that his ministry will provide legal assistance to defend Hamas legislators arrested by which is threatening to put them on trial.