In a step aimed at confronting the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip,  Palestinian Interior Ministry gave orders to the Palestinian National Forces to be on highest alert and be ready to confront any invading Israeli military force in the Gaza Strip, local sources reported.

In a conflicting report, a security official, who asked to remain anonymous, said the Ministry gave no instructions to go on high alert.

Interior Ministry spokesman Khalid Abu Hilal confirmed that Minister Sa’id Siyam instructed all security personal to stay alert in order to "confront the Israeli invasion and to be part of the battle and confrontation to the Israeli aggression".

"In spite of the limited capabilities of the ministry, they are going to confront the aggression and will not leave the Palestinian people alone," Abu Hilal said.

The spokesman said "Israelis are not aiming at a specific target, they are targeting [the whole] Palestinian Authority and civil society structures including Ministries, Universities, and even the kindergartens, so it is our right to defend ourselves".

Abu Hilal could not confirm if  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had approved the Interior Minister’s decision.

The Israeli goverment gave orders for the army to invade the Gaza Strip Wednesday night.  The army has killed at least 22 Palestinians in the first 22 hours of invasion into the Gaza Strip.  The number is expected to rise as the army is using heavy artilery shelling and Apache missiles against residential areas in the Gaza Strip.