Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued a statement on Friday, directed at the Israeli public and the family of abducted soldier Gilad Shalit, saying that the administration of the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is to be blamed for the stalled talks over the release of Shalit.


The movement said that Olmert’s government is refusing to the legitimate rights of freeing the Palestinian female detainees, children, and sick detainees in Israeli prisons.

In its statement, Hamas emphasized that Israel is refusing to comply with these demands.

Also, the statement urged the press in Israel to support the advancement of negotiations.

Hamas said that the soldier is held under humane conditions in accordance to the Muslim religion.

The statement of Hamas asked how is it possible that Israel agreed to release detainees for captured Israeli citizens in the past, specifically the case of for Elhanan Tannenbaum who was captured by the Lebanon based Hezbollah party.

Israeli Public Security Minister, Avi Dichter, suggested earlier on Friday that Israel might release detainees as part of a proposal from Egypt.

Dichter claimed that Israel “knows how to free detainees” if the abducted soldier is released without any preconditions, and if the resistance stop firing homemade shells at Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’ spokesperson, Mosheer Al Masry, said that the Palestinians “tried the goodwill gestures” of Israel and have no faiths in them.

“Now there is no talk about freeing the soldier”, Al Masry stated, “Israel killed more than 30 martyrs and wounded over a hundred residents”.  

Sources in Hamas said on Friday that the movement would agree to release Shalit and halt the firing of Qassam homemade shells if Israel releases all female detainees, children and detainees who have been imprisoned by Israel for twenty years of more.

Hamas also demanded Israel to withdraw its forces from the Gaza Strip.
On Thursday, the father of the abducted soldier called on Israel to free Palestinian detainees in exchange for the release of his son.