Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Saturday afternoon that the number of residents killed Saturday had reached five, after a child died of earlier wounds and a resident who died after the Israeli army fired shells at resistance fighters east of Gaza City.  This brings the total to 41 killed in the week-long Israeli invasion, most of them civilians.

A medical source at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city reported on Saturday afternoon that a child identified as Eyad Abu Srour, 14, died of wounds sustained when the army shelled Gaza city two days ago.

On Saturday before noon, one resident identified as Tareq Al Jamassy, 22, was killed and three other residents were injured after the army shelled an area east of Gaza City.

Dr. Mowiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that an Israeli military helicopter fired a missile at a group pf people near Malaka junction, east of Gaza City; resident Al   Jamassy was killed and three other residents were injured, one seriously.

The casualties were transferred to AL Shifa Hospital, east of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military source reported that soldiers expanded their operations in Gaza since Saturday morning with tanks advancing 500 meters into Gaza city.

The source added that some 15 tanks invaded the Strip through the Karni Crossing and initiated military searches for tunnel used by resistance fighters.

Also, soldiers from the Givati infantry brigade reached the outskirts of Al Shujaeyya neighborhood in Gaza city and exchanged fire with resistance fighters.

An Israeli military spokesperson reported on Saturday afternoon that the operations in Gaza will be expanded in the coming days.

On Friday at night, one resident of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, was killed after teh army demolished his home while he was inside it.

Three Palestinians killed on Saturday, more than 30 killed since Thursday
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies, 12:45

Three Palestinians were killed on Saturday as the Israeli army continued its offensive against the Gaza Strip, one of the residents died of wounds sustained on Friday evening, at least nine residents were injured, Palestinian medical, and security sources reported.

The sources stated that the three were killed east of Gaza city and in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The number of Palestinians killed since Thursday exceeded thirty.

Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of the Emergency Unit at Al Sifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, reported that two residents were killed after the army shelled Al Shija’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, while the third died of wounds sustained on Friday evening in northern Gaza.

The two residents were identified as Ahmad Al Sarsik, 24,  and Hani Abu Al Qoboz, 22; both are from  Al Shija’eyya neighborhood. The third resident who died of his wounds was identified as Khalil Al Hajjar, 20.

Dr. Al Saqqa added that nine residents were hospitalized after suffering moderate injuries.

Palestinian security sources reported that troops, supported by dozens of armored vehicles and bulldozers, invaded on Saturday at dawn,  Al Shija’eyya neighborhood and exchanged fire with resistance fighters.

Troops carried the invasion under air coverage by military apaches, the sources added.

Also, troops fired tank shells at a vehicle deriving in Al Mansoura street in the neighborhood, three residents were injured in the attack.

Soldiers invaded Al Shija’eyya neighborhood through the Karni crossing area, Nahal Oz crossing, and through the agricultural area, east of Al Shija’eyya, and fired rounds of live ammunition at dozens of houses, hothouses,  farmlands and civilian houses.