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’s massive assault on Gaza continues leaving three persons killed and four injured as Israeli warplane fires missiles into residential areas, Across the West Bank, the army continue their campaign of house raids and taking people prisoner while in Hebron they issue orders to close 1000 Palestinian shops. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

Gaza update

The military offensive on Gaza continues with night shelling and air strikes, on Monday three residents were killed and several more injured.

Palestinian medical sources in Khan Younis, the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported that two resistance fighters were killed after the Israeli air force fired a missile at a vehicle east of the city. One child died of wounds suffered last month.

Dr. Moawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, identified the two residents as Ra’ef Abu Salah, 20, and Mohammad Khalil, 20.

Dr. Hassanen added that an Israeli apache fired several missiles at the vehicle of the two fighters while driving east of Khan Younis; several residents were injured in the attack.

Meanwhile one person was killed and four others injured when an Israeli warplane fired a missile into a residential area in Al Shiga’ia neighbourhood east of Gaza Monday at dawn.

Ahmad Al Arkan, was killed by missile fragments wounding several parts of his body, the other four sustained critical injures and were moved to Al Shifa hospital in the city, medical sources reported.

Also on Monday Khaled Wahba, 15 months old, was died from wounds sustained last month from an air strike that targeted his home area in Gaza city in which two of his family members were killed outright in the attack

The Israeli Navy shelled Gaza city beach on Monday morning and nearby houses.

A state of panic was noted amongst the residents especially the children, but no injures have been reported also military bulldozers have started destroying farmland in the Al Shiga’ia neighbourhood east of Gaza on Monday.

At the  political level Israeli leaders responded to calls for a cease-fire from the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, by increasing the intensity of their assault on  Gaza, Israel’s Gaza Division Commander Brigadier General Kochavi said this weekend that  the incursion could continue for at least another two months.

The Israeli Army invades several villages around Bethlehem ransacks houses and takes four prisoners

The Israeli army have intensified its invasions in the West Bank city of Bethlehem by invading several villages around the city and searching homes, on Monday at dawn.

In Al Obadya village east of Bethlehem, troops stormed the village and ransacked several houses including the house of Mohamed Radida.

Meanwhile another force invaded the village of Taqu’a, south of the city they also searched homes and arrested Nower Sobah, 19, Fadi Hamad, 18, Soliman Sobeh, 17 and Saleem Al Sha’er, 17, all were taken to unknown locations, local sources reported.

Soldiers arrested two residents from Nablus

Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Nablus, broke into dozens of houses and arrested a mother of six children, local sources reported.

The sources stated that soldiers detained and interrogated dozens of residents fro several hours in Bustan Fatayer area, and fired rounds of live ammunition over their heads.

Also, troops arrested a 35-year old mother of six children from Khammash family, and took her to an unknown destination.

The mother was arrested after soldiers broke into her home and searched it causing damage to the furniture and belongings.

Meanwhile army took Ghalieb Bani Shamsa, 23, prisoner in a predawn invasion to the village of Beita, south of the city.

Soldiers also confiscated several ID cards belonging to local residents who included Nazih Ali, his brother Zahi, his mother Rasmia, Yousif Dowikat, and his son Hamza, residents reported.

Army renews orders to close 1000 shops and businesses in the old city of Hebron

The Israeli army handed out military orders to renew the closure of 1000 shops and businesses in the old town area of the West Bank city of Hebron along with the closing off of more than 21 streets in the area, this Monday morning, according to the Hebron chamber of commerce, the loss of shops and businesses in the area will lose 100 thousand USD per day.

The office stated that these orders aim to drive Palestinians businesses from the area to allow for continued expansion of the illegal Israeli settlements.

These shops and business have been continuously targeted by both the Israeli army and settlers with violent attacks and closure orders since the start of the second Intifada five years ago.

The Israeli Army hijacks two civilian’s cars from checkpoints near Jenin

The Israeli army and police installed a new checkpoint on the Jenin-Nablus road and high jacked two civilian’s cars Monday afternoon

The soldiers and police officers stopped and searched passing cars, checking civilian ID cards before forcing the two drivers to drive with them to unknown destinations, eyewitnesses.

The drivers said the police officers threatened the drivers with illegal and costly fines

Residents expressed concern that the army will use the stolen cars for undercover assassination attempts.


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