Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported that seven Palestinians were killed on Monday in separate Israeli military attacks. Four residents were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Beit Hanoun. Two fighters were assassinated earlier in Khan Younis. Monday afternoon, one resident was killed east of Gaza City.


Eyewitnesses reported that an Israeli military apache helicopter fired a missile at Palestinians gathering near the Agricultural School in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza Strip. Three were killed and several other residents were injured.

Two of the residentskilled were identified as Ahmad Shabab, 18, and Ahmad Ghaib, 19.

One resident was killed in the Al Shijaeyya area, east of Gaza City,  and five others were injured Monday evening after the Israeli air force fired a missile at them.

Medical sources and eyewitnesses in Khan Younis reported that soldiers fired at least one missile at a vehicle transporting resistance fighters in the town of Khazza’a, east of Khan Younis. Two residents were killed in the attack.

The two were identified as Ra’ef Mousa Abu Salma and Mohammad Khalifa, 21. At least three residents were injured. The bodies of Abu Salma and Khalifa were severely mutilated.
Also on Monday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with the Israeli Security Minister Amir Peretz and leaders of the army and the Security Services Monday evening to discuss possible military operation expansion in Gaza.  
Israeli sources reported that the army is preparing for operations that could last two months.

Israeli army spokesman announced that the army intends to increase tank shell firings and missiles during the coming week.