Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported a Palestinian woman and child died on the Egyptian side of the Rafah Border Crossing Tuesday.  This makes a total of four Palestinian who have died at the Crossing since Israel closed it two weeks ago.


The sources said Mona Ismail Abu Mustafa, 19, was on her way home to the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis after receiving a medical operation in Egypt.

Eighteen month old Hamza Abu Taleb also died at the crossing after suffering heat stroke.

Two other Palestinians, Mohammad Sharab, 16, and Abu Khaled Daoud, 70, have died at the crossing since Israel closed the border two weeks ago. 

Currently there are five thousand residents stranded at the crossing after Israel sealed off the Gaza Strip and Egypt has not allowed the residents to re-enter.  Israeli authorities refuse allow international observers, required by law to be present at the crossing, to return.

Director General of the Border Crossing Salim Abu Safiyya reported that the Palestinian Authority is holding talks with several Arab and International parties in an attempt to solve the crisis and enabled the residents to cross back into the Gaza Strip.