Tuesday afternoon. Israeli soldiers attacked a Palestinian-American woman trying to cross into the West Bank from the Allenby Bridge that links Palestine and Jordan.  She was attempting to defend her son, who cannot speak Arabic, while the soldiers were abusing him and ordering him in Arabic to remove a toy out of his pocket.


The child, having lived in the United States since birth, innocently refused to remove the toy. Soldiers then attacked and pushed him along with his mother while she was trying to tell them that he does not understand Arabic, George Hannouna, grandfather of boy, reported.

Hannouna added that one of the soldiers slapped his daughter across the face, breaking her nose, while she was explaining to them that her child is American and does not understand Arabic.

He also said that the soldiers attempted to calm the situation and apologized when they saw that his daughter has an American passport.

“This is what the Palestinian people are facing on daily basis in the occupied territories,” George stated, “Who will apologize to them for the daily humiliation they face.”

George added that he intends to file a complaint against the soldiers at the crossing, describing the Israeli procedures as humiliating.