Israeli warplanes and gunboats struck a Lebanese Resistance base 16 kilometers south of Beirut late Wednesday,  Lebanese security officials said, in the closest raid to the Lebanese capital since fighting erupted in southern Lebanon after guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers.Warplanes flew over the Naameh base in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean, about 16 kilometers south of Beirut . Gunboats fired from the sea and explosions rang out across the area. There was no immediate word on casualties at Naameh.

The base is run by the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and was a frequent target of Israeli attacks in the past.

The attack comes after Israeli warplanes pounded more than 30 targets in Southern Lebanon. Israeli leaders blamed for the capture of the soldiers.and promised a painful retaliation.

Hezbollah said its fighters destroyed two Israeli tanks that attempted to cross the border into on two different occasions Wednesday.

 Israeli ground troops entered southern on Wednesday to search for two soldiers captured earlier in the day by Hezbollah guerrillas, Israeli government officials said.

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