200 Palestinian detainees being held at Ramon detention camp suspended their hunger strike, which they started on Monday, to demand the removing of carcinogenic devices in the prison, and to improve the living conditions of prisoners held in the detention center.

According to the PNN, the head of the Prisoners and Ex-prisoners Affairs Commission, Qadri Abu Bakr, said that the dialogue sessions between the prisoners’ representatives from several prisons and the prison administration were positive.

In related news, Huthayfa Halabiyeh, 28, from the town of Abu Dis, near Jerusalem, who has been on hunger strike for 67 days and was recently admitted to hospital due to deterioration in his health, ended his fast after reaching an agreement with the Israeli authorities on his release.

Head of the Prisoners Commission, Qadri Abu Baker, told WAFA that Halabiyeh’s lawyer and the Israel Prison Service reached an agreement which set a date for his release, thus prompting him to end his hunger strike.

Halabiyeh has been held in administrative detention without charge or trial since June 10 of last year and has had his detention renewed three times. He decided to go on hunger strike more than two months ago, to force his release.

Another Palestinian detainee, Fadi Yousef Hroub, 31, from Deir Samet village, in the south of the West Bank,  ended his hunger strike after he was promised that his administrative detention order will not be renewed.

With Halabiyeh and Hroub ending their strikes, six other detainees remain on hunger strike demanding their release, according to the Prisoners’ Commission.

They include: Ahmad Ghannam, 42, from Dora in Hebron district, on strike for 54 days, Sultan Khlouf, 38, from Burqin near Jenin, on hunger strike for 50 days, Ismail Ali, 30, from Abu Dis and has been on hunger strike for 44 days, Tareq Qadan, 46, from Jenin has been on hunger strike for 37 days, Nasser al-Jada, 31, from Burqin in Jenin area and has been on hunger strike for 30 days, and Thaer Hamdan, 30, from Beit Sira near Ramallah and has been on hunger strike for 25 days.