Palestinian medical source in the Gaza Strip reported that two residents died of wounds suffered earlier in the Gaza Strip. One of the residents was seriously injured on Wednesday near Dir Al Balah, while the other was injured in an earlier attack. At least ten residents, including children, were injured in Gaza.

A medical source at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City reported that Mahmoud Al Attar, 18, died of wounds suffered yesterday near the Kissufim crossing, close to Dir Al Balah in the Central Gaza Strip, five residents were killed in the attack.

The source added that resident Nathmi Aziz, 21, died of wounds  suffered several days ago during an Israeli attack that targeted the towns of Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday at dawn, soldiers shelled the building of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood, south of Gaza City; several residents were injured.

The shelled building includes several ministries; soldiers fired at least two missiles at the office of Mahmoud Al Zahhar, the Palestinian Foreign Minister.

The building and several surrounding houses were damaged. At least ten residents, mostly children, were injured in the attack; some of the injuries were described as moderate.