Palestinian Legislator, Mustafa Barghouthi, head of the Palestinian National Initiative, said on Thursday that the Israeli army have 47 air strikes on Gaza Strip that led to the death of 74 Palestinian residents, while more than 200 residents were injured since Israel started its assault in the Gaza Strip.

In a press conference in Al Biereh City, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Barghouthi said that around 190 Palestinian families were forced to abandon their homes due to the Israeli, urging the international community to immediately send a fact-finding committee to investigate the kind of weapons used by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people.

"There are dozens of Palestinian citizens who arrived to hospitals whose bodies bore burns rather than wounds that call on us to investigate the kind of bombs used by the  troops", he stated.

Barghouthi accused the army of enforcing a media blackout on the attacks in the Strip, asserting that the issue of the captured soldier was badly exploited by the Israel as a pretext for the invasion, when in fact the military attacks atrocities on the Strip have been culminating two months prior to the abduction of the soldier.

The lawmaker warned of imminent human catastrophe in the Gaza Strip if the attacks weren’t halted amidst severe shortage of water, electricity, medicine, and basic needs coupled with total destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure, the Palestine-info reported.

Moreover, Barghouthi elaborated that Israeli warplanes were launching 11-18 mock raids per day, and frequently broke the sound barrier over the Strip, spreading panic and leaving psychological problems on Palestinian children.

He also highlighted the ordeal of the five thousand and more Palestinian citizens who have been stranded at the Egyptian part of Rafah terminal for two weeks where five Palestinian citizens passed away so far, the Palestine-info added.

Barghouthi also said that continuation of the military operations in the Strip will entail total collapse of the Palestinian Authority and the Oslo agreement.